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Pure Aloe Vera Nourish Gel for Skin/ Hair with Argan, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin C (No Sulphates/No Parabens) 200GM

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This gel is formulated after considerable research and works wonder on the body, face and hair. It has been rigorously tested for both efficacy and safety. Powered by natural ingredients it ensures the good results. Indulge your skin, face and hair with premium quality Aloe Vera gel. Sourced from the best ingredients and hygienically packed the gel is loaded with goodness and beneficial nutrients. For your knowledge and information Aloe Vera is a popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years.

✔ ALOE VERA GEL : Accelerates the healing of wounds. Used for burns including sunburns. Has the effect of halting or slowing down signs of aging. Ramps up Collagen production as well as enhances skin elasticity. Acts as an effective conditioner and makes hair all smooth and shiny. Stimulates healthy hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, brings down dandruff as well as conditions the hair.

✔ MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL (LIQUID GOLD) : Argan Oil helps prevent stretch marks. Is a great natural moisturiser which is easy to apply all over the body including the face and neck.

✔ ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL : Good for strengthening the skin and hair. Eliminates excess oil from the face and skin.

✔ VITAMIN C : Speeds up wound healing and is great for folks with rough and dry skin. Works wonderfully well to heal burns and wounds. The vitamin enhances skin texture and prevents skin discolouration.

✔ BENEFITS OF THE ALOE VERA GEL : Suitable for all skin types and deep nourishes the area where applied. Aloe Vera has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Can do wonders for your skin. Women can use Aloe Vera gel post waxing, threading and shaving to soothe the skin. Men can use it as a soothing after-shave gel. Pamper your skin with Aloe Vera after a day out in the hot sun. It is excellent for aftersun skincare.

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Weight 300 g

1 review for Pure Aloe Vera Nourish Gel for Skin/ Hair with Argan, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin C (No Sulphates/No Parabens) 200GM

  1. shrusharma97 (verified owner)

    I have been a customer for almost 3 years now, the aloe cream is a must-have item in my routine. The purity and affordability are like no other aloe cream and suits the best for my combination skin. I used to purchase it via amazon but during covid switched to the website due to unavailable inventory on amazon. the customer service is the best as they usually send me a sample of their new products, which I purchased later. thank you and keep up with your service.

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