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Organix Mantra was born out of an idea that consumers should have access to a wide range of premium quality therapeutic grade essential oils at an affordable price. Gradually, we moved on to the beauty and health care products that include essential oils as its main ingredient.

We have a wide range of skin and hair care products under our umbrella. We at Organix Mantra believe that a superior quality skin, bath or hair care product should be free from parabens, sulphates and other harmful ingredients. At the same time, it should contain premium quality essential oils that help in enhancing the skin or hair care. Our emphasis is on supplying beauty products that are pure and natural in their composition. Moreover, the extraction process is totally natural and free from any kind of harmful chemical ingredients. This is our bottom line and USP as well.

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We value our customers. The essential oils as well as the ingredients in our beauty care products are indigenously sourced directly from the manufacturers who have acumen, practice ethics and possess strong business principles and integrity.

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We strive to educate as well as share up to date information regarding all our products with our customers.

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We work towards ensuring that each batch of our essential oils as well as other products are of superior quality and adhere to the stringent industry standards.