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  • Sale! Noir Nectar Bath Soapnoir_nectar_soap_for_skin

    Noir Nectar Bath Soap

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    Elevate your daily cleansing with NoirNectar, formulated with a serene blend that may help calm your senses and provide a soothing experience. The luxurious lather rinses clean, leaving behind a delicate scent and a feeling of refreshment without the dryness typically associated with soap bars. NoirNectar is more than just a soap—it’s a commitment to your skin’s wellbeing. With each use, you’re treating your skin to a caring cleanse that respects your skin’s natural balance, leaving it looking radiant and feeling refreshed. Embrace the harmonious blend of purity and care with every wash.

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  • Sale! serene_lavender_bath_salt

    Serene Lavender Bath Salt

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    Let the Lavender Oil’s soothing fragrance transport you to a realm of peace, while the natural Lavender Buds add a touch of botanical elegance, turning your routine into a ritual. Dead Sea Salt works in harmony with Baking Soda to gently purify your skin, leaving it looking refreshed and feeling velvety to the touch. Olive Oil and Vitamin E, known for their hydrating properties, may help to imbue your skin with a radiant glow and a supple feel. Embrace the allure of simplicity with our Lavender Bath Salt. As you sink into the warm, welcoming waters, allow the blend of natural ingredients to caress your skin, potentially aiding in hydration and nourishment. This isn’t just a bath; it’s a gateway to tranquility, where each moment is infused with the essence of nature and the promise of a refreshed, soothed, and beautifully pampered self.

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  • Sale! Tea Tree Basil Bloom Face Cleanser

    Tea Tree Basil Bloom Face Cleanser

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    Infuse your skin with the protective power of Green Tea Extracts. Packed with antioxidants, these extracts work diligently to shield your skin from environmental aggressors. Alongside Vitamin E, our cleanser combats free radicals, ensuring your complexion retains its youthful and radiant glow Experience the deep hydrating magic of Moroccan Argan Oil. Renowned for its moisturizing properties, it ensures your skin remains soft and supple after each cleanse. The added benefit of soy-derived Glycerin provides an added layer of nourishment, ensuring a luminous finish.Beyond its key components, our formula boasts Neem for its skin-clearing benefits and Basil Botanical Extracts, known for their calming properties. Radish Root Extracts ensure the product remains fresh and potent, making every drop a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and science.

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  • Sale! Niacinamide Dtan Peel Of Mask 120MLNiacinamide Dtan Face Mask For Brighten Face

    Niacinamide DTan Revive and Reveal Face Mask – 120ML

    Original price was: ₹449.00.Current price is: ₹349.00.

    The luxury doesn’t end with these key ingredients. The mask is further enriched with soothing Aloe Vera, rejuvenating Rosehip Oil, and clarifying Tea Tree Oil, ensuring every inch of your skin receives the nourishment it deserves. The accompanying applicator brush ensures a precise, mess-free application, making the ritual all the more seamless. As the mask peels away, so do the stresses and impurities of daily life, revealing skin that’s revitalized and glowing. 

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  • Sale! Moringa Cold Pressed Oil

    Moringa Organic Cold Pressed Oil


    Moringa Oil is lightweight in texture and is high in skin and scalp nourishing Vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and E. Applying Moringa Oil on the skin is known to slow the aging process, and repair and improve the skin cell turnover.

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  • Sale! Essential Oil Set 5lavender essential oil

    Essential Oil Set 5

    Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹849.00.

    Organix Mantra Essential 5, simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to a diffuser or mix with a Carrier oil for topical application or massage. You can also create your own custom blends by combining two or more essential oils. Remember to always dilute essential oils with a Carrier oil before applying them to your skin, and follow the recommended guidelines for safe use. Unleash the power of aromatherapy and elevate your well-being with Organix Mantra Essential 5.

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  • Sale! Avocado Coldpressed Organic Oil

    Avocado Organic Cold Pressed Oil


    Avocado Oil is known to be effective for reducing inflammation and improving skin elasticity, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and Vitamin A. Whether you’re looking to soothe sunburns, nourish your hair, or simply improve the overall health of your skin, Avocado Oil is the perfect choice.

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  • Sale! Apricot Kernel Oil Coldpressed Organic Oil

    Apricot Kernel Organic Cold Pressed Oil


    Apricot Oil is emollient and is easily absorbed by the skin. This oil is ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin. Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are ideal for skin and hair care.

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  • Sale! Rosehip Seed Oil Coldpressed Organic Oil

    Rosehip Seed Organic Cold Pressed Oil


    Regular application of Rosehip Seed Oil on the face is known to help manage acne, and acne breakouts and soothe inflamed skin while adding a glow to the skin. This Carrier Oil is known to improve the elasticity of the skin and firm up the skin by balancing the production of collagen.

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