Noir Nectar Bath Soap

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Elevate your daily cleansing with NoirNectar, formulated with a serene blend that may help calm your senses and provide a soothing experience. The luxurious lather rinses clean, leaving behind a delicate scent and a feeling of refreshment without the dryness typically associated with soap bars. NoirNectar is more than just a soap—it’s a commitment to your skin’s wellbeing. With each use, you’re treating your skin to a caring cleanse that respects your skin’s natural balance, leaving it looking radiant and feeling refreshed. Embrace the harmonious blend of purity and care with every wash.

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Experience the gentle, purifying touch of Organix Mantra NoirNectar, your new skincare ally for a balanced and soothing cleansing routine. Infused with a blend of natural ingredients, this bar soap is designed to not only cleanse but also to help maintain the skin’s moisture, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

  • Skin Harmony – Unveil the secret to balanced skin with NoirNectar. Rich coconut and palm oils mingle, known for their hydrating properties, to help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft and smooth after every wash.
  • Purifying Embrace – Embrace the purifying touch of NoirNectar. The activated charcoal powder is known to assist in removing impurities from the skin, which may help in achieving a cleaner and more radiant complexion with consistent use.
  • Soothing Sensations – Let the soothing trio of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint enchant your senses. Known for their calming properties, they may help in providing a soothing sensation, making your skincare routine a tranquil experience.
  • Luscious Lather – Experience the rich, creamy lather of NoirNectar. Lauryl glucosides and myristic acid work together, known to create a delightful froth that cleanses gently, leaving your skin feeling pampered and cared for.
  • Gentle Touch – Discover the gentle touch of NoirNectar, designed to be kind to your skin. Ingredients like glycerin and sorbitol are known to cleanse without causing dryness, aiming to leave your skin feeling comfortable and refreshed.
  • Skin’s Guardian – Trust in the subtle care of NoirNectar. With tocopherol, known as a guardian for skin, it may help in safeguarding your skin’s natural vitality, enhancing your natural beauty with each use.
  • Conscious Cleansing – Indulge in a cleansing experience with a conscience. Our soap is thoughtfully formulated, steering clear of harsh chemicals and using sodium hydroxide for pH balance, known to provide a gentle yet effective cleanse.

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