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USDA Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Cold Pressed, 15ML


Sweet Orange Essential Oil is extracted from the rind of the superior quality oranges. The process of extraction is cold-pressed. The aroma of orange essential oil is citrusy and sweet. With a strong middle note and subtle top note. The consistency of Sweet Orange Essential Oil is thin. While the color is slightly pale yellow to orange.


  • SKIN CARE: Helps cleanse Skin, spot treatment of Acne. Natural way to remove Facial Makeup.
  • ORAL CARE: Combat Bad Breath, treat gum infections and inflammations.
  • STRESS RELIEVER: Helps upliftment of Spirit and induces a sense of Happiness. Reduces Anxiety and Stress.
  • NATURAL ANTI-SPASMODIC: Massaging your abdominal, thigh muscles with a blend of orange essential oil and carrier oil will help reduce the spasms and bring immediate relief.

Benefits of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of orange oil are known to have a soothing effect on irritated skin.
  • Known to stimulate hair growth.
  • Regularly massaging your hair with dilute orange oil is known to help strengthen the hair roots.
  • Anti-oxidant properties of the oil is known to help slow down the aging process.
  • Massaging diluted orange oil may help to reduce muscular pain and muscle spasms.
  • Vaporizing the orange oil is may help to uplift spirits.
  • May help to reduce the acne scars when applied regularly in diluted form.
  • Astringent properties of this essential oil is known to help tone the skin.

How to Use Sweet Orange Essential Oil

  • A few drops of sweet orange oil on the pillow or on the soles helps induce sleep.
  • Adding a few drops to bath water help reduce lethargy.
  • A few drops of orange essential oil added to body lotion is known to repair and rejuvenate dry skin.
  • To your favorite shampoo add a few drops of orange oil as it is known to fight dandruff.
  • Dilute sweet orange essential oil with jojoba, grapeseed, or coconut oil. Applying this mixture regularly on the face may help reduce acne scars.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Leave a diffuser containing a few drops of sweet orange oil in your bedroom before bedtime. Sweet Orange oil is known to help in soothing, relaxing, and balancing the mind. The aroma relaxes your body and helps induce sleep.

Sweet Orange essential oil is known to help muscles relax. Dilute the oil with either jojoba or grapeseed oil and gently massage into the areas where your muscle is sore. It is known to help in improving blood circulation and relieving pain.




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Weight 100 g

Made in India


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